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I ask the reader of a few things: to not take this comic too seriously, to not make any conclusions about the author as a result of reading this comic, to treat this comic like an unpolished rough draft, and to not judge the pencil or the cruddy beginning art. The story isn't well planned, I just write as I go :P I plan on redoing the comic one day. Thanks for reading.

There is a time in a child's life when she discovers that she knows more than the adults around her.

This comic is rated PG-13. It currently updates randomly.

Mar 07 2017, 11:38 pm

How to Receive Updates

If you use Chrome and you'd like to follow this comic and get notified of updates, consider using this extension! All you have to do is download it (which takes a few seconds) then add "3am.smackjeeves.com" to your feeds. Then voila, you'll be updated when I update the comic. Cool, right?
It's a liiittle bit awkward because I tend to upload pages in bulk, so the pages may show up on the feed in the wrong order.

If you use Internet Explorer, I think RSS is already built in? Idk man. Idk about browsers and stuff. I'll find out eventually.

Dec 29 2016, 01:34 pm

Website Changes

I deleted a few bonus comic pages that are mostly irrelevant to the main 3 am comic, for personal reasons. You can still enjoy 3 am in its entirety and appreciate the other bonus comics :P

Also. I've replaced the prev/next arrow buttons with admittedly uglier buttons. But at least I've eradicated the font inconsistency.

And finally I've changed the banner and the title of the comic. It's no longer "3 am in the Morning" because that's redundant. Now it's just 3 am

Aug 30 2016, 09:42 pm


I updated after several months.......

Feb 13 2016, 08:38 pm


Hi. I moved from the original website because Google Sites has limited storage space, meaning limited comic pages. So here we are on Smack Jeeves, after reuploading 115 pages and coding the website to suit my needs. The things I do for my comic........ (I seriously spend hours and hours for it.)

I'm thinking of buying a subscription to this website but I'm not sure. Just wondering if there are cool options that come with it.

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