Mar 18 2016, 06:58 pm

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Reply alichee, Mar 18 2016, 07:02 pm

Note! This half-issue of Kid the Kid is not necessary to read to enjoy the rest of the story. At first it was going to be part of the third issue, but I decided to isolate it, and now it exists for its own purposes. It's supposed to be written as a clarification. However, it clarifies just about nothing if you don't take certain metaphorical assumptions into account. In fact, it consists of pretty much only contemplative text, and it probably will just confuse you further. SO, you may either skip it or torture yourself plowing through it. Still, this half-issue can be appreciated, as it does bring up some life themes, and it's kind of like a peek into my weird, weird mind. It's your choice.

IN OTHER WORDS. If you just want a relaxing read free of thinking about weird sophisticated theories, please skip this part! You've been warned.

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