Ok, so obviously 3 am in the Morning is STILL in development, but here's a page of how things have come to be what they are so far, if you're interested.

I conceived the idea for "3 am in the Morning" in the summer of 2014, not at first as a product of my depression, but rather as what sprouted from the dawn of my interest in darker things. That and jetlag. My jetlag experiences were so memorable that I thought that 3 am was the worst time of day. The idea was very foggy at first. I knew I wanted to do a bunch of one-panel pages with drawings and text next to them and slowly build up to a plot. So I did. They contained a very emo boy named Frederick (now Lennox) and his emo feelings.
Some embarrassing examples:
I didn't do more than 4 pages before I thought wow, screw this, I hate it. The edginess was catching up to me as I realized that nobody could relate to this. So I ditched it.
But not for long. About a year later I steadily came back to it after developing an ironic inclination towards the emo sub-culture. I reread the summary I wrote for 3 am and liked it again. I began to doodle the characters again and think up new ideas for the story.

I drew this after a bad quiz. Song lyric is from Fall Out Boy.

Thaddea has short hair in this one.

One of the decisions I made was to combine 3 am with another story I used to want to do, a story about a girl who plays video games and makes friends with a ghost (who is actually an AI). I've given up this idea mainly because its theme doesn't interest me enough (I don't care for video games nor ghosts very much) and because there appears to have been a recent surge in graphic novels that contain ghosts, thereby making my idea "cliche."

A drawing of the main character from the ghost and the girl story idea.

An AP Art concentration piece definitely inspired by the ghost and the girl story idea.

Nonetheless, the story of the ghost and the girl was less about the ghost as much as it was about a teenage girl who tries too hard to get good grades in a competitive school, all the while dealing with the struggles of growing up. I still wanted to write a story with these themes, so I took many of the ideas from that story and applied them to Nikki (now Nicky) from 3 am.

By the way, Nicky's story used to be independent of 3 am. It was called "To Kill a Guyfriend."

With all these changes, 3 am is turned cooler than it would have been two years ago. Many ideas in the current comic are ideas that have been there from the beginning, such as that Lennox and Thaddea are twins who suffer from sleep disorders, that their parents are crazy people, and that they hang around a guy named April, who is actually... oh, I better save that for the plot.

Original drawing representing the spontaneous creation of three of the main characters.

April. Nuff said.

But throughout changes and continuity, I'd say the essence of 3 am is always the same. It's brimming with confused, emo teenagers who explore strange, fantastical occurrences in the context of an environment that induces social and educational anxiety. Okay, I guess I didn't mention all of that before, but that's what it is. Enjoy "3 am in the Morning," the fruit of my emo, emo heart. :)

(Of course, if you think this is emo, wait till you see "Limbo.")

Page last updated: 1/22/16